The Holidays are Upon us in Delray

On my way back from visiting family for Thanksgiving, I thought I would stop and see the lights of the area’s Colonial Floor Care has been serving for 2 decades. Living for a short time in Del Ray Beach I thought I would start there. Feeling like many in the area about getting ready for recieving Family and friends to a festive, inviting home, my first thoughts go to the cleaning and decoarating I will be doing. As much as I love to decorate for the Season, I feel the same dislike for the deep cleaning I and most people do at this time of year. So using Colonial to shine up the Terrazzo and granite conter top in my home is the become one of my traditions here in South Florida. At Colonial we can help with the ‘cleaning” and let you enjoy decorating and preparing for the festivities with family and friends

17 thoughts on “The Holidays are Upon us in Delray

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