Preparing for the Holidays

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As Fall progresses, we get ever closer to the holidays. At Colonial Floor Care, we are preparing for the “cleaning Season’ during the holidays- that time of year when homeowners shine up their homes for out of town visitors, family and friends.

Something that happens often in South Florida ( Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Dade, Broward) is that homeowners strip and wax their terrazzo floors, hoping to rmove the yellowing, and rejuvenate the shine. The last thing any of needs during the holiday season is a major work project like stripping and waxing your terrazzo floor.

Colonial Floor Care offers a much more highly effective and longer lasting method of cleaning your terrazzo floor. We achieve superior results without waxing or sealers of any kind. We simply grind your floors in a three step grinding process, going from course to fine grain. On the final grind, we seal the floor and give it it’s final polish. The only care this floor will need for the next 15 years is a light wash with a neutral cleaner – That’s it! No toxic chemicals, no labor intensive, costly treatments- just let Colonial Floor Care apply a careful, thorough grinding with superior equipment and technicians.

Give yourself the gift of freedom from laborious housecleaning- let Colonial do the work!

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